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Dry Eye Syndrome(DES)

What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

  • DES is an abnormality caused by changes in the tear film and the ocular surface, which normally keeps the eye soft and comfortable by moisturizing the eye. Symptoms include overall dryness, burning, grittiness, and foreign body sensation. There are increasing numbers of patients who experience dry eye syndrome due to aging, increased computer and smart phone use, pollution, dry environment, refractive index surgery, and certain medications.
  • Currently developing a treatment for dry eye syndrome using Tβ4.
  • Expecting an effective treatment that improves the signs and symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Development stage


  • ReGenTree has contracted with Ora, Inc., a CRO and SMO company specializing in ophthalmological diseases in the US, to conduct clinical trials to develop the treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome. The clinical trial uses the CAESM (Controlled Adverse Environment) model to create a more uniform patient response with moderate to severe dry eye. The CAESM Model standardizes influential factors (e.g. relative humidity, temperature and visual tasking) that exacerbate dry eye disease resulting in reduced endpoint variability and improved likelihood of trial success. The CAESM model also allows for rapid data acquisition.
  • Completed a Phase IIb/III clinical trial(ARISE-1) of GBT-201 for the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome in the US
  • Conducting a 2nd Phase III clinical trial(ARISE-2) of GBT-201 for treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome in the US

Market territory

  • ReGenTree has exclusive rights for the development and commercialization of RGN-259/GBT-201 in the USA and Canada.

Please contact GtreeBNT if you are interested in partnering in countries in Asia (other than China, Hong Kong, Taiwan) or the USA, and contact RegeneRx if you are interested in partnering in any other country.